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The Update Transaction

This page is only for updating information in a successful node registration. You can update the public node information from the Register Transaction. This is necessary if you change the country of your residence or the country of the server hosting your node. This is a practical way of changing and correcting the information without having to leave the network and redo the Register Transaction.

NB. You can only use this transaction if you are a registered block producer. If your node is still pending KYC approval this transaction has no effect on your public information.

Content of the Update Transaction

  • Name (Legal name)
  • Website (Company or personal webpage)
  • Address (Company or personal address)
  • EntityJurisdiction (Your country of residence - ISO 3166-1: 3-digit code referring to a country)
  • ServerJurisdiction (Location of the server where you operate the node - ISO 3166-1: 3-digit code referring to a country)

You send the Update Transaction from Register Node in the Partisia Blockchain Explorer, there is a tab labeled UPDATE.