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What are MPC tokens

MPC is the name used for the PBC native token. MPC tokens are used for staking on a Node.

Functions of MPC tokens:

  • A stake of MPC tokens works as the entry ticket to becoming a node operator and allows them to take fees for services. The staking requirements for different tasks can be read here.
  • The staked MPC tokens provide an additional guaranty. Since the stake can be used to pay compensation for misconduct committed by a node operator.
  • The staked MPC tokens create an incentive structure that align the user's security interest with the financial interests of the node operators who facilitate the transactions on the network.

MPC as secure multiparty computation

On the PBC platform MPC may refer to two different things. MPC is an acronym for secure multiparty computation. Secure multiparty computation (MPC) is the technological speciality of Partisia Blockchain. One could argue that the main technology which seperates Partisia Blockchain from other blockchains is contracts with zero knowledge computations not least MPC. So, instead of naming the tokens after the platform they are named after the most significant technology on the platform.