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Download the software development kit

1) Install Rust

To develop and compile contracts for the Partisia Blockchain, you need to install Rust along with the wasm32 target. To install Rust for you platform follow the instructions on

Now add the wasm32 target:

rustup update
rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown
If Working from a Windows machine you must either:

2) Download Partisia Contract SDK


The archive contains the Rust project files and the SDK. The archive contains the partisia-contract tool, the SDK and some example contracts. If you are working with a WSL shell on Windows you can locate files within WSL in the folder named \\wsl$\Ubuntu\. From now on we assume you have extracted the archive to /tmp/pbc-rust-wasm.
Open a terminal and go to the /tmp/pbc-rust-wasm folder: cd /tmp/pbc-rust-wasm.

3) Install the cargo partisia-contract command

cd cargo-partisia-contract
cargo install --path .

Test that it worked by executing: cargo partisia-contract --version. This should print the version of the command.